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Information Architect, Instructional Design Expert, E-learning Trainer

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Work Experience : 10
Number of Hirelings : 1
Jobt Type : IT/Design
Job Location : Phnom Penh
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Posting Date : 2019-08-20
Closing Date : 2019-08-30
Visiter count : 118

Company Profile :

 GeniusAZ is a well-established consultancy firm with services ranging across a number of sectors, including ICT Consulting, procurement and project management for development sector. We work with our partners to create sustainable societies where the environment, the people and a prosperous economy can exist in harmony.

GeniusAZ’s innovative and sustainable solutions help our partners address their, infrastructure, procurement and project management challenges. We work in the context of finding the best local solutions for local challenges, cost efficient, reliable, sustainable and in balance with nature and environment. 

Jobs Description :

 We are inviting interested experts to submit their CVs for the following sectors:

1)     Information Architect
2)     Instructional Design Expert in an online learning environment (e.g. Moodle)
3)      Trainer with expertise in eLearning and facilitated online learning

Job Requirment :

  Desirable Qualifications and Experience:

      Information Architect
a)      At least a graduate degree, preferably a Masters, in information technology, with additional focus on instructional design and online education
b)      10 years of experience in the provision of technical or project management services and previous experience in developing e-learning solutions
c)      Have experience to provide overall guidance and high-level design of the information architecture for the migration of existing online resources into a new e-learning portal
d)      Team leadership experience with excellent English language skills
e)      Able to communicate and write clear, concise and well-structured reports
      Instructional design expert in an online learning environment (e.g. Moodle )
a)      A graduate degree in an education-related field, or information technology/instructional design;
b)      At least five years of work experience in the field of instructional design
c)      Experience to develop frameworks and conditions for the development of instructional and other eLearning materials 

d)      Experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams in the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, history and information & communication technology (ICT) for the creation of quizzes and 
interactive activities based upon the MOODLE suite of binary question protocol; 

e)      Have prior experience to provide advice and train other staff in up-dating and refreshing of eLearning material
f)       Excellent English language skills with the ability to communicate and write clear, concise and well-structured reports
Trainer Expert with expertise in eLearning and facilitated online learning
a)      A university degree in education
b)      A minimum of five years of professional experience in the design, development and delivery of training programmes to adult learners
c)      Good working knowledge of the education system in Cambodia with particular reference to the Upper Secondary Grades 10-12
d)      Experience in preparing training materials suitable for the training of educational staff to effectively use e-learning portals and e-learning systems with focus on but not limited to the usage of the MOODLE program for the creation of quizzes and binary questions in each of the identified STEM subject areas of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and ICT
e)      Experience to deliver interactive training programs to educational personnel in the use of e-learning systems
f)       Experience and ability to design key performance indicators to monitor effective usage of eLearning 
g)      Experience to deliver training to strengthen capacity in data collection, 
analysis, and reporting; 

h)      Experience to develop a functional Train the Trainer program to roll out large scale training programs on e-Learning
i)     Excellent English language skills with the ability to communicate and write clear, concise and well-structured reports

How To Apply :

 GeniusAZ is providing a very attractive and highly competitive salary for highly qualified and top performing experts.

Women are highly recommended to apply.
Interested experts should download and complete the CV template, and submit your application at

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  • Contact Person: Genius Team
  • Tel: 023901689
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