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Western Cham Native Speakers

Job Detail :

Job Term : 1-3 months, 15 hours per week
Work Experience : No previous experience required
Number of Hirelings : 2+
Jobt Type : Other
Job Location : Province
Qualification : No qualification is required
Major :
Sex : No gender distinction
Age : No minimun age is required
Posting Date : 2018-09-14
Closing Date : 2018-09-30
Visiter count : 79

Company Profile :

 Hero Translation is a translation agency based in Prague, Czech Republic. We offer translation and interpreting services in many languages. For more information, consult our website.

Jobs Description :

 Hero Translating is a translation company based in Czech Republic and it is currently collaborating in this project concerning Tai Dam, Khmu Uu and Western Cham languages.

We are currently looking for people who are willing to participate in this project and help us.
This work is performed through an Excel file offline. The linguist has to create answers to the questions provided by us. The questions are in English, but the answers should be in Tai Dam (Laos), Khmu Uu or Western Cham, and they have to be linguistically and grammatically correct, make sense in relation to the question, and must contain at least 6 words. Each question has a minimum number of sentences required, which needs to be followed in the answers. The answers should not be similar to each other. Please find here below the questions for reference to have an idea of what kind of questions they are.
1.       What is the most prominent cell phone provider in your country? (1 sentence)
2.       2. Please list 10 adverbs in your language. Examples: financially, undoubtedly, beautifully. (1 sentence)
3.       What are some essentials for taking a long road trip? Who would you take it with? Do you prefer to make many stops, or drive as much as possible? Do you like to have deep conversations or play games? Sing along to music? (8 sentences)

4.Write a story about somebody who one day wakes up being on Mars? What will happen next? Anything can happen! (30 sentences)



Rate:  Approximately 0.20 USD per sentence, to be negotiated once the test has been passed.

Job Requirment :

 The candidates should meet these requirements:

  • Native or near-native speakers of Tai Dam and/or Khmu Uu and/or Western Cham with access to stable Internet connection.
  • To be able to write in the lao script and to understand English.
  • No previous experience in the linguistic/translation field is required.


How To Apply :

 Applicants should submit a current CV and their e-mail address to:

Daniela Frassinelli, Junior Linguist at Hero Translating e-email:

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