Can you hide jobs on Upwork?

How do I hide earnings on Upwork?

To hide your earnings on your freelancer profile:

  1. Choose Settings in the Account menu.
  2. Click on Profile Settings.
  3. Click the box for Earning Privacy.

How do I delete my work history in Upwork?

Delete Time

  1. Go to the My Jobs › Work Diary and select the contract.
  2. Find the block of time you want to delete and click the checkbox below it.
  3. Click the Delete button.

Can you hide a bad review on Upwork?

Send an email to In your message, confirm: The contract number where you would like to have feedback removed. … We’ll hide the feedback rating and comment from your Work History and replace it with “This feedback has been removed”.

Should I hide my earnings on Upwork?

Keep your earnings private

Once you submit a proposal or accept an invitation, that potential client will see your past contracts’ rates and totals. … Please be aware that if you restrict your profile visibility, you will also limit your ability for clients to find you in the marketplace.

Is Upwork confidential?

Upwork has a confidentiality clause that protects confidential information provided by either party. It stipulates that the party which provides confidential information can make a written request to destroy or return the information, and to provide a certification of compliance.

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How do I change my hours on Upwork?

Add manual time from your Work Diary

  1. Go to My Jobs › Work Diary and select the contract from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select the day you want to add hours to and click Add Manual Time.
  3. Select the time period, add a description of the work, and click Save.

How do I change my work diary in Upwork?

To update memos and activity labels

  1. Go to the My Jobs tab.
  2. Find the contract in the list and click the View Work Diary button.
  3. Click the memo bar or check the box on the segments to update and press the Edit Memo button.
  4. Make the changes you want then press Update.

Is Upwork like Fiverr?

What is the primary difference between Upwork and Fiverr? Although very similar, Fiverr and Upwork conduct business in separate ways. While Fiverr creates a welcome environment for gig work, Upwork tends to possess a more singular focus toward hourly and flat-rate projects.

Is Upwork safe?

Yes, Upwork is most certainly legit. However, like any other large freelance platform, there are bound to be scammers and fake profiles; but that doesn’t make Upwork a scam. Additionally, the Upwork platform provides various features and services that protect freelancers and employers from fraud and scams.

How do I find someone on Upwork?

How do I find a specific freelancer? To find a specific freelancer, type their name directly in the search box on the Talent Search page. You’ll see People suggestions in the dropdown menu. This functionality is currently supported only on desktop.

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