Frequent question: How do I reject a revision on Fiverr?

How do revisions work on Fiverr?

Revisions give buyers the option to reject a seller’s delivery and provide sellers with more time to include buyer feedback and any changes required, as based on the delivered work. Revisions are an optional feature that sellers may choose to offer their buyers.

What does unlimited revisions mean on Fiverr?

Unlimited revisions do mean that the buyer can keep asking for modifications or even for new things that are beyond what the scope of your gig is.

What is 3D mockup in Fiverr?

3D mock up is a 3D mock up. mockup is a preview file in a 3D mode as an example of how your logo will look like in a 3d on a wall for example. 3D logo is a different thing. It looks like your seller did deliver what he promised.

What are unlimited revisions?

When someone asks for “unlimited revisions”, they are saying that they want the right to ask for an unlimited number of changes to a piece of work, before it is accepted, at the expense of the person delivering the work.

What is gig in Fiverr?

What is a gig in Fiverr? A Fiverr gig is a term commonly used to describe the service you sell on Fiverr. It provides you with the opportunity to showcase your unique talent and inform buyers that you are well and truly capable of completing the service you render.

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What does subject to revision mean?

DEFINITIONS2. uncountable the process of changing, improving, or making additions to something such as a plan, law, or piece of writing. He intends to undertake a major revision of the constitution. subject to revision (=likely to be changed): The article, of course, is subject to revision by the editors.

What does 3D mockup mean?

The 3D mock-up is a fantastic tool which allows you to rotate your product so you can see it from every angle. You can rotate it by left clicking on the mock up, holding down the left mouse button and moving your mouse in the direction would like to move the mock-up.