How can I contact Fiverr?

How do I contact someone on Fiverr?

You can contact Fiverr by emailing them, calling their hotline or by leaving them a message on one of the social media platforms. Alternatively, you can use their knowledge base if you prefer self-service support.

What is Fiverr’s phone number?

Our website address is, and our telephone number is +972-72-2280910.

How long does it take for Fiverr support to respond?

Replying within 24 hours is necessary for your response to be tracked. Response time is based on the last 60 days of a seller’s activity and tracks the amount of time it takes for a seller to respond when they receive an inbox message.

Is Fiverr legal?

Yes, Fiverr is a legit website for both buyers and sellers. … Fiverr has an SSL certificate to protect your billing and personal information that you don’t want to share with others. Fiverr also offers an easy way to find quality freelancer sellers – you can see their rating, level and read reviews from other buyers.

How do I contact buyers directly on Fiverr?

Originally Answered: How do I talk to a client on Fiverr? On their profile, there is no “contact” button. However, if you are a seller (you DO have gigs on your profile), there is a “contact seller” button on your profile and people (like potential buyers) are able to contact you!

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How do I get a refund on Fiverr?

To request a refund via the Resolution Center, you will have to contact your seller about your order’s cancellation and work things out.

  1. Log in to your Fiverr account.
  2. Select the order you want to cancel.
  3. Tap the Visit the Resolution Center button.
  4. Select Ask the seller to cancel this order.

How can I make money without skills on Fiverr?

5 Simple Ways to Make Money on Fiverr With or Without Skills

  1. Business of Self-Publishing. How Do You Get Paid?
  2. #1 Editing, Proofreading, or Beta Reading.
  3. #2 Social Media Marketing or Managing.
  4. #3 Video Spokesperson.
  5. #4 Prayers & Positive Thoughts.
  6. #5 Fiverr Affiliates.
  7. Make Money on Fiverr Video.
  8. A Note from Dale.

How do I respond to Fiverr?

When responding to a message, click on the relevant button. Just above the message’s text area, you will see buttons with the most common buyer inquiries. Note: You can use the suggested quick responses from within an Inbox message, an order, and an order delivery.

When you receive a message on Fiverr what can you do?

When you receive a message on Fiverr, you should respond promptly and in a courteous way. Here are some tips to help you along the way: Replying within just one hour can increase your chances of selling. Stay positive in your responses and communications, no matter what.

How do I respond to a buyer on Fiverr?

Responding to Buyer Requests

  1. From the Recent Buyer Requests list, click Send Offer.
  2. Select the relevant Gig.
  3. Select which Gig Extras to include.
  4. Describe your offer.
  5. Set your delivery time.
  6. Set your price.
  7. Submit your offer.
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