How much is a freelancer in Star Citizen?

How much is a freelancer Max in game?


Freelancer MAX
Cargo capacity 120 SCU
Production state Flight ready
Buy 2,181,500 aUEC

How much is the freelancer MIS?


Freelancer MIS
Standalone US$175
Original US$165
Warbond US$165
Original US$165

Can freelancer be free?

Freelancer is free to sign up, post a project, receive bids from freelancers, review the freelancer’s portfolio and discuss the project requirements. If you choose to award the project, and the freelancer accepts, we charge you a small project fee relative to the value of the selected bid, as an introduction fee.

Why do I have a freelancer?

There are several reasons to start freelancing: Done on the side around your job, it’s a way to generate extra income to pay off debt or save for a rainy day. … It allows for greater independence over a job. It’s often flexible, allowing you to work part-time or during off-business hours.

How much is the Mercury star runner?


Mercury Star Runner
Original US$225
Warbond US$230
Original US$200
Availability Time-limited sales

What is MISC freelancer?

Freelancer Freelancer DUR Freelancer MAX Freelancer MIS. Freelancers are used as long haul merchant ships by major corporations, but they are just as frequently repurposed as dedicated exploration vessels by independent captains who want to operate on the fringes of the galaxy.

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How much is the Reliant Tana?


Reliant Tana
Standalone US$75
Original US$65
Warbond US$65
Original US$65

How much is the hammerhead Star Citizen?


Original US$650
Warbond US$600
Original US$550
Availability Time-limited sales

How much is the Eclipse Star Citizen?


Original US$275
Warbond US$275
Original US$250
Availability Time-limited sales

How much does the caterpillar cost Star Citizen?


Standalone US$295
Original US$225
Availability Time-limited sales

How much is the reclaimer in Star Citizen?


Standalone US$400
Original US$350
Warbond US$350

How much is the Banu defender?

The Banu Defender ( Banu: oktæ banu oktæ Banu ; ) is a small two-seat combat ship utilized by the Banu to provide protection and fly alongside the Merchantman. Its design features both Xi’an thrusters, Tevarin shields, and four Singe tachyon cannons.


Standalone US$220
Original US$185
Warbond US$185