Is 4 7 rating bad on Fiverr?

Is 4.7 rating bad on Fiverr?

4.7 is not a bad rating. There should be something upset to the buyer even you delivered a quality product. be honest, polite and responsive to the messages so you will get 5.0 ratings in future.

How much rating is good on fiverr?

Trust me, 4.3 stars is a good review. 4-5 stars are not affecting your gig at all. Check Fiverr top sellers. They receive a lot of feedback less than five stars.

Is a4 star review bad in fiverr?

It’s annoying, but one has to remember that 4 stars is pretty good anywhere else. For an established seller, it shouldn’t be remarkable; if it’s your first ever review or you don’t have a lot of reviews, it can be disastrous (e.g. not being able to access BR).

Can buyer Change Review Fiverr?

Keep in mind: Reviews about the buyer will only appear in the buyer’s profile. Once reviews have been made public, Fiverr cannot change or remove them unless they violate the Terms of Service. … Reviews will not be removed when an order is canceled.

How do I maintain my fiverr rating?

Top Rated Seller

  1. Be an active seller for at least 180 days.
  2. Complete at least 100 orders (all time)
  3. Earn $20,000 or more.
  4. Maintain a 4.7-star rating over 60 days.
  5. Deliver a 90% response rate score over 60 days.
  6. Score a 90% order completion rate over 60 days.
  7. Achieve a 90% on-time delivery score over 60 days.
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What is Level 1 seller on Fiverr?

Level One Seller

They have completed at least 60 days as an active Seller on Fiverr. They have completed at least 10 individual orders (all time) They earned a minimum amount of $400. Maintained a 4.7-star rating over the course of 60 days. 90% Response rate over the course of 60 days.

How legit is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a legit website. It has customer support that will always help you resolve any issue and will respond within 24 hours after you submit a ticket. If a seller fails to deliver your order on time you can either extend the delivery time or get a refund (partial or full) instantaneously.

Who makes the most money on Fiverr?

These are the highest-paying side hustles on Fiverr in the U.S., by maximum price earned:

  • Website Design – $700.
  • Social Media Manager – $675.
  • Proofreading and Editing – $660.
  • CV, Cover Letter and Resume Writing – $600.
  • Website Building – $580.
  • 3D and 2D Modeling – $550.
  • Business Consulting – $500.

Is 4.5 stars a good rating?

A 4.5-Star Rating is Just Right

According to a Salsify report, consumers expect an average of 112 reviews. It’s expected then that listings with high ratings but a low number of reviews are disregarded. … In fact, the scores most sought after by consumers are between 4 and 4.5 stars.

What is the best star rating?

In the United States, a five-star rating system is often used by independent organizations like AAA to rate a hotel. One star is the lowest rating, and five stars is the highest score.

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How do you answer a 4-star review?

Begin by thanking them for their feedback—Remind them that you love to hear their feedback, and you’re pleased they enjoy the product or service. Reiterate the positive feedback so they know you have read their review. Apologize if necessary—Sometimes 4-star reviews contain praise along with some criticism.