Question: How do I decline a proposal on Upwork?

How do you decline an Upwork proposal?

Write a message to the client. Decline: Select a reason. You can send a message to the client letting them know why you’re passing on the invitation. Do not give the client your contact information when you decline.

How do I decline a freelance job offer?

How to pass on that freelance opportunity (without burning bridges).

  1. Be gracious. Even though you aren’t accepting the gig, you should still be appreciative of the opportunity. …
  2. Give a brief reason. You don’t need to dive into all of the dirty details. …
  3. Provide a referral. …
  4. Express your desire to remain connected.

Does withdrawing proposal in Upwork?

You can withdraw your proposal until you are offered a contract. After that, you’ll need to turn down the offer or end the contract. … You won’t be penalized by Upwork for withdrawing a proposal or declining an offer.

How do I politely say no offer?

Thank you very much for offering me the opportunity to work at [Company] as [Job Title]. After much deliberation, I will not be accepting the position, as it isn’t the right fit for my long-term career goals. I sincerely appreciate the offer and give you my best wishes in finding a suitable candidate for the position.

How do you politely reject a project proposal?

How to turn down a job offer

  1. Don’t procrastinate. Once you’ve decided to decline the offer, don’t delay writing to the employer. …
  2. Keep it simple and to the point. Start by being straightforward and honest in your message. …
  3. Say “thank you” …
  4. Provide a reason but don’t get specific. …
  5. Consider offering to stay in touch.
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Will I get connects back if I withdraw proposal?

Note: Withdrawing your proposal will not return your Connects.

Can I cancel Upwork contract?

At Upwork, you can end a contract at any time. Contracts are an important part of your tool kit here. Managing contracts clearly and thoughtfully can help you build great relationships and get more done.