What happens after delivering order on Fiverr?

What happens when you accept delivery on Fiverr?

A buyer can accept the delivery with feedback, or request revisions to be made to the order. … As a seller, once you are ready to send the buyer the work done, you will be able to deliver the order by clicking on the “deliver now” button.

What happens if you don’t approve delivery on Fiverr?

Generally, if you deliver an order, that completes the order as far as Fiverr is concerned. Perhaps the buyer is busy, and hasn’t had an opportunity to give you any feedback yet. In this case, all you can do is be patient. If they don’t respond to a delivered order, it will auto-complete within three days.

Can buyer cancel order on Fiverr after delivery?

After delivery, if a buyer cancel the order, you can’t do anything from your end. You need to raise the ticket to the support team and they will look into this.

How does fiverr describe delivery?

In the Describe your delivery in the details field, write a brief description of your delivery. Select the image/file you want to be displayed in your Gig’s Live Portfolio. Notes: The work sample will appear on your Gig’s Live Portfolio once your Buyer approves it.

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What is delivery time in Fiverr?

If you set your gig up for 1 day delivery and the buyer places an order, the timer starts counting backwards for each individual order. So yes, you have to deliver within 24 hours. Make sure to set your delivery time accordingly.

What does rejected mean on Fiverr?

When a buyer requests revisions on an order, the order’s status is updated to “rejected.” This does not mean that the seller is refusing to work on the revisions requested. Rather, it means that the buyer rejected the delivery and the seller is now required to update the delivery to include the changes requested.

Can you decline a fiverr order?

Your seller will have 48 hours to accept or decline the request and if the seller fails to accept or decline the request, the order will be automatically canceled after two days. You can view your open dispute within the order page, alongside the option to withdraw it.

What if I dont like my fiverr product?

You have request revision option if you are not satisfied with delivery. Make sure stick to what was requested. If you ask for extra work then seller will ask for extra deposit.

How do I get my first order on Fiverr?

7 Tricky Ways To Get Your First Order On Fiverr – 2021

  1. Provide an unique service. …
  2. Promote your gig on social media. …
  3. Start at a low price. …
  4. Gig Images and Videos. …
  5. Excellent Gig Description: …
  6. Be active often. …
  7. Send buyer requests. …
  8. 12 Killer Ways to Rank Your Gig on The First Page in Fiverr 2021.
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Can you get scammed on Fiverr?

Is Fiverr A Scam? No, Fiverr is not a scam. But it has the lowest possible score on BBB because of the many (not all, of course) sellers on Fiverr who offer really low-quality services. … The good news is that you can always resolve the issue through Fiverr and get a refund in case you are not satisfied with something.

How do I return a completed order on Fiverr?

To request a refund via the Resolution Center, you will have to contact your seller about your order’s cancellation and work things out.

  1. Log in to your Fiverr account.
  2. Select the order you want to cancel.
  3. Tap the Visit the Resolution Center button.
  4. Select Ask the seller to cancel this order.