What is readiness test on Upwork?

How do you beat the Upwork rising talent test?


  1. Pass the Upwork Readiness Test.
  2. Complete projects on time and as promised to clients.
  3. Maintain a 100% complete profile with accurate skills and genuine work.
  4. Keep your availability status up-to-date.
  5. Regularly submit proposals to projects that match your skill set.

How do you earn and maintain a good job success score Upwork test?

Job Success Score

  1. If a freelancer or agency owner is exclusive to an agency, the agency’s JSS will be shown on the profile rather than an individual rating. …
  2. Longer-term relationships are a plus and can help boost your score. …
  3. Jobs with higher earnings weigh more and will have a bigger impact on your score.
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What do you need to qualify for Upwork payment protection for hourly jobs?

To qualify for Upwork Hourly Protection, you must

  • Have an Hourly contract.
  • Work with a client with a verified billing method.
  • Use an Upwork account in good standing.
  • Log your hours with the Upwork Desktop App.
  • Be visibly working on contract-related activity in your Work Diary.

Which are requirements to achieve Top Rated freelancer status on Upwork answer?


  • A current Job Success Score of 90% or higher.
  • First hire on Upwork was more than 90 days ago.
  • Maintained Rising Talent status or a Job Success Score of at least 90% for at least 13 of the last 16 weeks.
  • A 100% complete profile (90% for those who brought their profiles over from Elance)

What happens if you fail Upwork readiness test?

If you fail to respond, Upwork will refund the employer and suspend your account. Disputed hours ruled in the employers favor are refuned.

Can I have two accounts on Upwork?

The Upwork Terms of Service allow only one account per person. However, you can create a specialized profile to allow you to better highlight your different talents. Though you can only have one account on Upwork, you can use that same account as a freelancer, client, and agency. …

How do I get my first job on Upwork?

How To Get More Jobs on Upwork in 2021

  1. Great work is rewarded on Upwork. When you’re working on a project for a client, make it your best work. …
  2. Be active. …
  3. Perfect your profile. …
  4. Find your niche. …
  5. Focus on the client. …
  6. Improve your proposal. …
  7. Look professional. …
  8. The proof is in the portfolio.
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Which tips should you follow to protect yourself from suspicious activities Upwork?

Keep them in mind whenever you see suspicious activity. Taking work or payments outside of Upwork can be an easy way to get involved in a scam. Freelancers put themselves at risk of not getting paid, getting paid in a fraudulent manner (e.g., fake checks), or similar, and it is against Upwork’s Terms of Service.

Which items help you create a 100% complete profile on Upwork?

There are many ways to get to 100%, but some items are required. To reach 60% you’ll need a photo, title, overview, at least one employment history item, and at least one skill tag. Any combination of the other choices can then be used to reach 100%. What level of profile completion is needed to qualify for Top Rated?

How do I submit a work hour to Upwork?

Hourly contracts may be covered by Upwork Hourly Protection. Your client is automatically invoiced and billed for the hours you log according to the weekly billing cycle.

  1. Go to your account Settings.
  2. Open the Get Paid tab.
  3. Click Get Paid Now.

How often do you get paid on Upwork?

Get paid

Upwork freelancers can get secured payments via PayPal, direct deposit or wire transfer. All of your hourly projects are billed weekly. You’ll get paid after you and the client review the work, 10 days after the billing period ends.

How do you qualify for top rating on Upwork?

How Can You Become Top Rated?

  1. Have a fully complete profile and updated availability.
  2. $1,000 or more in earnings in the past year.
  3. A 90% job success score (or higher), or have maintained Rising Talent status.
  4. Have been hired for a job on Upwork 90 or more days ago.
  5. Have been active within the past 90 days.
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What is the minimum earning amount is required for Top Rated badge on Upwork?

Eligibility Table

Criteria Rising Talent Top Rated
Comply with Upwork Terms of Service
First contract on Upwork was more than 90 days ago
12-month earnings of at least $1,000
12-month earnings of at least $10,000

How do I get more connects on Upwork?

Changes to Connects

  1. Awarding 10 connects for each interview won: when freelancers and agencies submit a proposal, win an interview, and respond, they can earn up to 50 connects every 7 days.
  2. Increasing the Connects that new talent get from 20 to 40, PLUS the chance to win another 40 for passing the Upwork Readiness Test.