Where is live portfolio on Fiverr?

How do I view my live portfolio on Fiverr?

Live Portfolio

  1. Once logged in, from the Selling menu, click Gigs.
  2. From within the Gig list, click to open the drop-down to the right and uncheck LIVE PORTFOLIO. Notes: – If you selected LIVE PORTFOLIO, the buyer will have the option to display or remove your delivered work.

How do I add a portfolio sample on Fiverr?

Hi, You can click on the link with your username, on the top right of your page and then scroll down to the bottom left of the page where you can find the Portfolio link and press “add new” . Fill in the description and the url that leads to your sample of work and that’s it.

What is portfolio sample Fiverr?

As a buyer, you may add or remove work samples from your review. A work sample is an image that appears on the Seller’s Live Portfolio and is the sample of the seller’s work is available to the public.

Is it possible to make a living on Fiverr?

Whether you’re a writer, a web developer or a virtual assistant, you can make money on Fiverr doing what you love. The lowest acceptable charge per gig is $5, partly explaining why the platform is called Fiverr. However, that doesn’t mean you should charge $5 — that’s just the base pay.

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What is gigs in Fiverr?

At Fiverr, the service you offer and sell within the marketplace is termed as a “Gig.” Your Gig is an opportunity to showcase your talent to potential customers, as well as to provide all the information they may need prior to placing an order.

How do I create a gig on Fiverr?

Table of Contents

  1. In your Fiverr homepage, click on Selling and then on Gigs.
  2. Click on create a new gig.
  3. Create a Gig title, select category and meta tags.
  4. Set your gig pricing.
  5. Write a gig description and FAQ.
  6. Enter Requirements.
  7. Add photos or a video to your gig.
  8. Publish your gig.

What is freelancer portfolio?

In its basic form, a freelance portfolio is tangible proof that you can do what you say you can do, and if you were hiring somebody, you’d probably want to see proof of their work. To be able to win the projects you really want, you must provide relevant examples and showcase your expertise.

How do I make a Flickr portfolio?

Portfolios Made Simpler With Flickr

  1. Here’s how it works:
  2. Upload your images to Flickr and organize them in a photoset. …
  3. Edit the titles of your photos. ( …
  4. Start the creation process at MagCloud.com/publish. …
  5. Select your options and create your file. …
  6. Preview your file and set binding options. …
  7. You’re done!

How do I post a project on Fiverr?

Log into your Fiverr’s account, on the upper right hand corner of the homepage click on the Buying top menu and from the drop-down list select Post a Request. If by any chance you didn’t made any purchase yet, you will find the Post a Request option by clicking on your profile picture as shown within the second image.

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