Why isn’t my monster LED remote working?

How do I reprogram my monster LED remote?

To pair LED strips or LED light bulbs to another remote, simply unplug and replug back in the LED strip or lamp to power and WITHIN FIVE SECONDS of plugging back into power, press and hold the “Speed+” until the lights blink three times. Repeat above but instead of “Speed+” press “Speed-”.

Why isn’t my monster led remote working?

How to Fix Monster LED Light Strip Remote Not Working? If you have been using the remote for a long time and it has just started to malfunction then it is highly likely that the remote batteries have dried out. In which condition the only option left is to buy a new battery cell and replace it with the old one.

How do I fix my LED remote color?

Step 1, Make sure all part of the LED strips kit are connects right and powered. Step 3, Press the “FADE7” button ,it will flash one second. Step 4, Turn on the LED strips again, press Red, Green, blue button one by one, it will change to its original color.

What can I do if I lost my LED remote?

The most cost-effective and, ultimately, the best option for fixing a missing remote is to replace it. To do this, go to where you purchased the LED strip light or use an online retailer such as Amazon. You will want to try to get a remote from the same manufacturer for the same LED strip light model that you have.

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Why won’t my monster LED lights connect to my phone?

Try refreshing your router’s connections by unplugging it from power and plugging back in. Doing the same to the device itself may also help. If necessary, you may want to free up bandwidth on the 2.4GHz network by removing other devices in your home off your 2.4GHz network and onto your 5GHz network.

Why are my monster LED lights flashing?

Drop in LED Voltage

Your LED strip lights might be flickering because of fluctuations in voltage. All electrical appliances, including strip lights, need a constant voltage supply to work smoothly. If the voltage drops for any reason, the entire length of the strip will flicker, and its brightness will decrease.