Why isn’t my remote working for my Amazon Fire Stick?

Why isn’t my remote working for my Amazon Fire Stick?

Here are a few suggestions to connect, or reconnect, your Fire TV Remote. … Unplug your Fire TV device from the power cord or adapter then plug it back in. Use the Fire TV app to pair your remote. If you have seven controllers paired, remove one of them before attempting to pair another.

How do I get my remote to work with my Firestick?

Turn on the television that your Amazon Fire Stick is set up on, and switch to the right HDMI channel. 2. Select “Settings” from the Fire TV’s menu. If you’re trying to set up a remote without already having another remote paired, use the Fire TV app for iPhone or Android, which can be used as a temporary remote.

How do I reset my Firestick remote?

Restart your Amazon Fire Stick using your remote

  1. Turn on your TV and wait for your screen to display your Fire Stick home screen.
  2. On your remote, press and hold the “Home” button for a few seconds. …
  3. In “Settings” scroll down and click “My Fire TV” and then scroll down and click “Restart” to restart your device.
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Do Amazon Fire Stick remotes go bad?

Problems with the Firestick remote can occur after several weeks or months of use. It’s also possible that your remote will malfunction as soon as you unbox it. If the latter applies, the best solution is to return it straight away.

How do I resync my Amazon Fire Stick remote?

Fire TV Edition TV Remotes

  1. Unplug your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  2. Press and hold the Left button, Menu button, and Back button at the same time. …
  3. Release the buttons and wait 5 seconds.
  4. Remove the batteries from your remote.
  5. Plug in your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  6. Put the batteries back in your remote.

How do I pair my Amazon Fire remote?

Pair Additional Fire TV Remotes

  1. Go to Settings on your Fire TV.
  2. Select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.
  4. Press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds to pair your remote.

Why is my Fire Stick remote not working with new batteries?

Remove the batteries from the remote. … Hold down the Select button for 5 seconds to put the remote into pair mode. Hold down the Select + Play buttons together for 5 seconds to Restart the device. Restart the device: Settings > System > Restart, then once restarted unplug the power cable for 5 seconds then plug back in.

How do I pair a new Fire Stick remote without the old one?

To pair them, follow these steps:

  1. From the Fire TV menu, select Settings .
  2. Select Controllers and Bluetooth Devices .
  3. Select Game Controllers .
  4. Choose Add a new game controller .
  5. Put your controller into pairing mode.
  6. Once your Fire TV Stick finds your controller, it will show its name on the screen.
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Why is my remote not working?

1 Check the Batteries of the Supplied Remote

Low battery power can cause the remote to intermittently function, or not function at all. … Replace the back cover on the remote, and slide down to click it into place. If the remote fails to respond properly after this, replace the existing set of batteries with new ones.

How do I know if my Fire TV remote is working?

Press the Home button on the remote.

  1. Your remote should be paired now. If your remote hasn’t paired, press the Home button for 10 seconds.
  2. When the LED indicator blinks blue, your remote is paired successfully. …
  3. When the LED indicator blinks blue, your remote is paired successfully.

Can I use my Fire Stick without a remote?

The easiest way to get around a lost or broken remote is to turn to Amazon’s Fire TV app, available for both iOS and Android. This app gives you all the controls you get with a standard physical remote and also allows you to use your phone’s keyboard and microphone to type or voice search for movies and TV shows.

How long should a Fire Stick last?

Amazon Fire Stick is a modern age portable gadget filled with entertainment for its users, easy to operate, and have several versatile features. If used properly, with all the suggested precautions, this product can last for about 3 to 5 years.