Your question: How do I add a portfolio link in Fiverr?

Can we send portfolio link on Fiverr?

The Add portfolio section is for internal ️ eyes only. Buyers cannot see the links in that section. But you can add portfolio links in the body of your profile and gigs.

Which links are allowed on Fiverr?

The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:


Can I link my website on Fiverr?

No – you can’t send buyers to your website either by giving them a URL or by attaching a file. If you do, and Fiverr catches you, they will shut your account.

Where is live portfolio on Fiverr?

There is an arrow at the bottom right near your gig. This is a pull down menu. There you can select PREVIEW.

How do you create a project on Fiverr?

View your orders (By clicking on the orders and the number of orders, the project task will lead to the Orders menu, automatically filtered by the Project selected). Manage the project Members added. View the project details. Create a new Project.

Can we share youtube link in Fiverr?

Yes, it is allowed.

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How do I share an email on Fiverr?

So here is the scene, Fiverr don’t allow you to share personal email address because they don’t want you to communicate and deal with the client directly which will put them in loss of business and client and if they don’t discourage this practice then one day they might not see any new buyer at all.

What are Fiverr warnings?

You may receive a warning for breaching our Terms of Service or any reported misconduct. A warning will be sent to your email address and will be displayed in your Fiverr account. Warnings don’t limit account activity but can lead to demotion or temporary suspension.

How do I copy my fiverr URL?

To share your profile:

Once logged in, from the Selling menu, click More > Scale Your Business. In the SHARE YOUR PROFILE section, copy the URL, or click the social icons.

What is fiverr link?

Fiverr’s platform connects businesses with on-demand freelance talent offering digital services in more than 400 categories, across 8 verticals including graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video and animation.

How do I promote my gig on Fiverr?

How to Promote Fiverr gigs and Services?

  1. Cold Mailing.
  2. Quora.
  3. Social Media.
  4. Content Marketing.
  5. Paid Ads.